Share the Journey wedding workshop – Super Super Club in Zagreb served as a venue for a wedding photography workshop led by two great guys and incredible wedding photographers – Marko Marinković and Petar Jurica.

Share the Journey Wedding workshop

In a two-day meeting, they shared their experiences of how to be a wedding photographer and the whole way they had gone, before they  became what they are today. In a different way, they provided an insight into the details behind the scenes of beautiful wedding pictures they create. A part of their magical wedding presentation and storytelling through photos they depicted at a photo session with bride and groom.

Photo session

Photo session took place within the area of today’s renowned Zagreb club Katran, a former factory. The industrial environment has been great for shooting, and the beautiful couple have created an interesting contrast to the environment with their dress creations. The bride wore an exclusive wedding dress of the designer’s signature eNYy room.

May some of my photographs from the shooting give you a bit of this special experience …

share the journey wedding workshop couple session